Spyrix Activity Monitoring

The software is intended only for children and employees monitoring
Spyrix Activity Monitoring is a tool to control computers remotely via a secure web account. The app is perfect for parental control and employee monitoring. It records any kind of computer activity and sends all new data to your online dashboard.
  • Web version for desktop and mobile
screenshots on device
  • Web version for desktop and mobile

Spyrix Activity Monitoring Main features:

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
    Monitor your computer activities through a secured web account by logging in from any computer remotely. This means you can monitor your computer without having physical access to it.
  • Live Viewing
    Watching the screen in live mode
  • Blocking sites: by categories (for example adult, dating), blacklist of URLs, blacklist of keywords.
    You can block websites by classifying them as adult or inappropriate and can also block the use of certain keywords.
  • Alert keywords
    It renders keyword alerts to enable you to know the keywords that are being used to make web searches through your computer system.
  • Log delivery
    Get notified when the computer user visits unwanted websites
  • Clipboard control
    The application features clipboard control and monitors and records all the activities in the form of the programs and applications that are run on the system.
  • Сontrol all started and closed applications
  • Record surrounding sounds via computer mic
  • Monitor the user via Live Webcam
  • Capture snapshots at specified intervals
  • Smart filter
    Use smart filter by the date, local user and feature to find the necessary information quickly.
  • Check time statistics
  • URL monitoring
    URL monitoring allows you to know what websites and pages the user visited.
  • Keystrokes logging
    With the keystrokes logger, you can see all the keystrokes that are made on your computer, even if they have been removed.
  • Screenshots capture
    It takes screenshot of the desktop view without the user knowing it.
  • Log delivery
    Get notified when the computer user visits unwanted websites
  • Control your computer from anywhere in the world on any device via a secure web account.

Why is Spyrix Activity Monitoring useful?

    With Spyrix Activity Monitoring, you will know what your kids do on their computers. The app may help you monitor your kids’ online activity, block dangerous websites and protect kids from online bullying.
    Let Spyrix Activity Monitoring take care of the tedious task of controlling your employees. The app gives you total control over employees’ computers, allowing you to improve your staff’s efficiency, detect slackers, prevent corporate data leakage and investigate employees’ unlawful actions.

How it works

Spyrix Activity Monitoring offers you various ways to view new data. All new data collected from the target computer is sent to your online dashboard. Just sign in your account via any device. Besides, you can check new logs locally in the application. The app also offers email log delivery so it can send all recorded data to you via email over a specified time interval.
  • Download Spyrix Agent
  • Install on target computers
  • Start monitoring

Quick specs

Program Name Version and Release Date Operating Systems Category License Type
Spyrix Activity Monitoring v.4.0 February 12, 2020 Mac OS 10, 11 and more Security & Privacy::Monitoring Software Shareware


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